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Mindfulness Workshop Registration

Thank you for your interest in our workshops.

Research and experience have shown that a practice of mindfulness and meditation has a number of helpful side effects, including relaxation, increased self-compassion, and increased focus. However, just like anything in life, mindfulness is not for everyone. If you would like to learn more about mindfulness, and find out if it’s right for you, please contact the University of Utah Counseling Center at 801-581-6826.

If you are concerned about your immediate emotional or physical safety, and are unsure if you are able to keep yourself safe, please contact 911 or go to the nearest hospital. Additional support for non-life-threatening mental health emergencies is available through the UNI CrisisLine at 801-587-3000.

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Feel Better Now
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  1. Tuesdays from 3:30-4:30pm
  2. Thursdays from 11am - 12pm
Mindful Midterms
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  1. Monday from 11:30am - 12:30pm
Mindful Approach to Work-Life Balance
  1. Fridays from 12-1pm
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