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Mindfulness Clinic

What is mindfulness?

Oveview of mindfulness

Mindfulness encourages paying attention to what is happening during each moment of your life.  With mindfulness, we develop the ability to let go of worries and fears about the future, let go of concerns about the past, and experience the present moment with a sense of calm and curiosity. In a basic way, mindfulness gives us the ability to wake up to our life and stop the automatic way of living, which disconnects us from our body, mind, and relationships.  


Why is mindfulness helpful?

When we stop during our day to practice mindful awareness, we often realize our mind and body are in completely different places. This mind/body disconnection is present during a lot of mundane tasks, including brushing our teeth, driving the car, and eating. In fact, if you pay attention to what your mind is doing right now you might notice a fair bit of wandering off and disconnection occurring. Indeed, observing the mind often results in recognizing that our mind is often somewhere else - worrying, making plans, remembering a past problem, or passing judgment. In this way, we live life more from a place of mindlessness than mindfulness. Living mindlessly robs us of the present moment and prevents us from enjoying some of the most enjoyable things about being alive. Learning to wake up to our life and pay attention with mindfulness represents a starting point for reducing stress and connecting our mind and body.  

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What is this meditation thing all about?

The benefits of meditating

What to expect when meditating

Drop-in for a FREE 30 minute Meditation Session 

Mondays @ 12:30 PM

*** Drop-in Meditation Sessions are on hiatus for the remainder of the summer semester, and will resume the second Monday of fall semester (8/28/17) ***

*** Fall drop-in meditations will be held in room 344 of SSB instead of room 334 of SSB ***

Open to all students, faculty, and staff of the U. NO registration required, just drop by room 334 in the Student Services Building. Participants can attend as many times as they like so long as they are a student, faculty, or staff of the university.

Drop-in Meditation Sessions are led by a rotating group of facilitators who are clinicians of the UCC. Sessions are not conducted during semester breaks (unless otherwise posted).

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Register for a Workshop

Feel Better Now: Learning how to Cope with Anxiety and Depression (FREE)

This 4 week workshop is currently being held in room 334 of the Student Services Building and will be held in room 344 of SSB starting in Fall 2017

*** Summer 2017  Feel Better Now Workshops will consist of 3 instead of 4 modules due to the Mindfulness Center closing for renovations starting July 28th ***

Fall 2017 Workshops:

Tuesday 3-4 PM: runs  9/5/17 - 9/26/17

Wednesday 11 AM-12 PM: runs 9/6/17 - 9/27/17

The workshop series includes a set of 4 modules that are covered over the course of 4 weeks. It is highly recommended that participants start attending the workshop at module 1, but the modules may be attended in any order, as well as repeated. Participants will learn a variety of effective and practical skills they can use to manage anxiety, decrease sadness, and increase focus. See this overview for more information about the content covered and the dates/times of each workshop. Feel Better Now is open to students of the U (iuncluding those not taking course credits over summer sessions) and you do not need to be a UCC client to attend. All participants must register online to attend

Mindful Approach to Work-Life Balance Workshop

Fall 2017 Workshop runs on Friday's (9/8/17 - 10/6/17) from 12-1pm in SSB 344

This workshop for U faculty, staff, and graduate students is designed to introduce participants to mindful strategies for balancing work-life stress. Come learn effective coping tools for navigating the responsibilities of different life roles as well as techniques for managing stress and anxiety. The cost is $40 for U faculty and staff and $20 for U graduate students.  All participants need to register online before attending,
or see this flyer for more information.

How to practice mindfulness right now 


How to practice mindfulness

For Guided Meditations Click Here

For Free Mindfulness Apps Click Here


Last Updated: 8/8/17