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This series of audio files offer you two categories of exercises. The first, relaxation exercises, help to calm the body and to relieve tension.  These are helpful if you experience sleeplessness, headaches, racing thoughts, and tense muscles.  The second, mindfulness meditations, help you be have a calm, curious awareness of your present experience.  These are helpful if you struggle with being focused on the future or on the past and have difficulty relaxing into the present moment.  Please review the below introduction for additional information about this series.


Body Awareness

Calm Place

Deep Breathing


Mindful Breathing I

Mindful Breathing II

1 Minute Mindfulness

Canvas Meditation


Feel Better Now Workshop Practices

This series of audio files provides you with the mindfulness-based practices taught in the workshop series: Feel Better Now. These can be helpful if you would like to practice what you learn in the workshop in your own time. STOP and Diaphragmatic Breathing are from episode 1. Body Bcan and Mindful Emotions are from episode 2. Leaves on a Stream and Mindful Eating are from episode three. Self-Compassion Break and Lovingkindness are from episode 4. We encourage working towards a daily mindfulness practice, and hope that you experience relief by doing so.

STOP Meditation

Diaphragmatic Breathing

Body Scan

Mindful Emotions

Leaves on a Stream

Mindful Eating

Self-Compassion Break

Lovingkindness Meditation

Last Updated: 10/12/20