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Administrative Staff

  • UCC Responsibilities: I am the secretary for the Supplemental Instruction Program, the morning office receptionist in the Learning Success Center, Outreach Coordinator, and medical transcriptionist for the UCC psychiatry staff.  I love working with students and helping them succeed at the U. 
  • Other Interests: I enjoy traveling, reading, crafting, geocaching, and musical theater. I love spending time with my family but most of all I love being “Grandma Fun” to my 7 perfect grandchildren. 
  • UCC Responsibilities: Assistant to the Director; Payroll Reporter; Manager; “Mother Hen”
  • Other Interests: Traveling; fishing; VP player
  •  UCC Responsabilities: Supervisor of Testing Center front office staff, manages databases and inventories, performs graphic design and financial transactions, etc.
  • Other Interests: Family, hiking, music, reading, public policy, sports.
  •  UCC Responsibilities: Part Time Office assistant
  • Other Interests: Reading, exercising, spending time with family and friends.
  • UCC Responsibilities: First face you see when you visit us! I enjoy helping clients and clinicians alike with everything from paperwork to Band-Aids. When newer technologies are available, we get to incorporate them for everyone’s benefit. Rubbing shoulders with these caring people lifts my day.
  • Other Interests: Outside of work I’m a full-time Grandma who likes to cook, knit, garden, read and teach piano.
Last Updated: 10/22/18