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Psychology Interns, 2018-2019

Psychology Interns

  • UCC Responsibilities: My primary responsibilities at the UCC include conducting intakes and working with clients in individual, group, and couples therapy. I also provide psychological assessment services to students, participate in outreach, and supervise doctoral-level practicum students.
  • Clinical Approach & Interests: I enjoy working with clients in a collaborative way to address their presenting concerns. I value connection, trust, transparency, and authenticity in my relationships with clients. In counseling, I work most often using an interpersonal approach, utilizing the therapeutic relationship to challenge clients, offer new perspectives, and facilitate insight and behavior change. Additionally, I am comfortable in my use of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and will often integrate this approach in my work with clients to help them develop insight, coping skills, and new ways of engaging with the world around them. I am also passionate about issues of social justice and I believe it is important for me, as a mental health professional, to explore and confront oppression, discrimination, power, and privilege in my clinical work.      
  • Professional Interests: My professional interests include working with students to explore and address relationship concerns, identity development, personal values and self-worth, family issues, and existential/spiritual questions and curiosity. Other professional interests include psychological assessment and neuropsychology. I love learning about the brain and integrating this knowledge into my work to help clients better understand themselves and their experiences.
  • Other Interests: I enjoy spending time outdoors hiking, backpacking, swimming, and kayaking. As a transplant from Austin Texas, I love tacos, bbq, live music, and spending time at the creeks and rivers. Most of all, I love being with the special people and pets in my life, and if we meet, I will likely brag to you about my 3x wiener-dog-race champion, Benny.
  • UCC Responsibilities: As a doctoral intern in counseling psychology, I conduct intakes, engage in individual and couples therapy, co-lead group therapy, and provide supervision to psychology practicum students. I am also co-teaching EDPS 3010: Introduction to Multicultural Issues this Fall, which is great opportunity for students to learn about diversity. I engage in campus outreach, psychological assessment, and I will take part in UCC committees. I ensure that my clients receive quality care, and do my utmost to ensure their counseling needs are met.
  • Clinical Approach & Interests: I often implement the use of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Existential Therapy, and Emotion-Focused Therapy. I believe that many people struggle with purpose and meaning in life, and there are many approaches that can be used to help with these concerns. I always strive to integrate multicultural factors into session, and I recognize the unique phenomenological lived experiences that people have, taking into account how this impacts their well-being. It is my aim that clients will leave therapy with a better awareness of their identity, values, and strengths. I am interested helping clients mitigate symptoms that are distressing to them, while offering a safe and validating space to vent concerns.
  • Professional Interests: I am dedicated to multicultural awareness and social justice pursuits. I am interested in a wide variety of populations and clinical concerns, as it is my aim to become a generalist practitioner. My research thus far has primarily centered on Native American academic success, STEM field students; including women and Latino/a students in engineering, exploring spiritual microaggressions, and creating psychometric measures to assess vocational constructs, such as work hope. I am interested in teaching multicultural courses and content, and am also interested in bettering the community. 
  • Other Interests: I enjoy hiking, swimming, running, walking, and spending time with animals. I also enjoy reading, watching television, documentaries, and going to movies. I especially love spending time with friends and family, and enjoying their good company over a delicious meal.
  • UCC Responsibilities: Conduct intake appointments, individual therapy, group therapy, and LD/ADHD assessments; Supervise practicum students; Participate in the coordination and presentation of outreach efforts   
  • Clinical Approach & Interests: I approach therapy from a multicultural feminist perspective, with an emphasis on clients’ relationships and attachment patterns. That said, I work with clients collaboratively to achieve their therapy goals, whether that is to develop tools for managing their mental health, heal from past hurts, increase their self-understanding, or overcome patterns of dysfunction. My hope is that clients conclude our work together with a sense of empowerment to face difficult situations and lead the lives they want to live.
  • Professional Interests: working with LGBTQ+ students, student-athletes, identity conflict/concerns, relationship problems, family issues, depression, adjustment concerns, self-esteem, religion/spirituality, social justice
  • Other Interests: Star Wars, superheroes, athletic activities, friendship, good restaurants, music
  • UCC Responsibilities: I facilitate initial intakes, individual therapy and couples counseling to clients. I also co-facilitate the “Connecting with Self and Others” group therapy. I also supervise psychology practicum counselors, conduct assessments, and teach the Multicultural Issues course.
  • Clinical Approach & Interests:  As a therapist I strive to create a collaborative environment with my clients to help my clients empower themselves within and outside of the counseling setting. I believe clients are the experts on themselves and have an innate knowledge about the origins of their distress. Working from this lens in therapy allows me to create a collaborative relationship where the client’s input is valued and prioritized. I will often use the metaphor of therapy being like exploring a cave; while exploring the cave, the client will tell me where they would like to explore in the cave, and my role as the therapist will be to use my tools to help us explore this cave in tandem together. In this role, I often partner with my clients to conceptualize what they believe is the source of their distress and what their goals in therapy should be.
  • Professional Interests: I believe in the power of conducting research from a social justice/feminist lens, and conducting ethical research in order to have an impact on the world. I try to conduct research that informs my clinical work with clients. Broadly, my research interests are connected to multicultural issues within counseling and helping underserved populations receive quality mental health resources. Professionally and personally, I feel passionate about social justice issues and try to incorporate considerations of power, privilege, and oppression in the work that I do.
  • Other Interests: I have two human babies who keep me busy as well as two dog babies (the dog babies may be more demanding than my human babies are.) I enjoy taking my children and my partner to the mountains to enjoy the nature here in Utah. On the rare occasion I have time alone, I enjoy re-watching Parks and Recreation, going to Broadway musicals, and sleep.
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