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Psychology Interns, 2017-2018

Psychology Interns, 2016-2017

  • UCC Responsibilities: My responsibilities include individual, couples, and group counseling. Additionally, I provide supervision to counseling psychology practicum students and, in the Spring semester, co-teach a Multicultural Issues course offered through the Department of Educational Psychology.
  • Clinical Approach & Interests: I like to work collaboratively with my clients, emphasizing a high level of respect for both their autonomy and varied life experiences. I approach counseling with the strong belief that all people have the innate skills needed to successfully navigate challenging life situations, and that I serve simply as a helpful guide in bringing awareness to, fostering utilization of, and reaping the benefits from these important skills in order to enhance overall life satisfaction. In my work I employ various evidence-based therapeutic approaches that  allow for the understanding of the client in relation to their context, with a particular emphasis on equity and empowerment given my interest in working with marginalized populations. My theoretical orientation is also integrative and includes Interpersonal, Feminist, and Cognitive-Behavioral approaches. I value providing a safe and supportive environment where clients can come to discuss more difficult life experiences.
  • Professional Interests: My clinical, research, and outreach interests largely focus on diversity and inclusion: positive factors associated with sexual identity (i.e., gay, lesbian, bisexual, pansexual, etc.) and gender (i.e., FTM, MTF, genderqueer, genderfluid, etc.) diverse populations, cisgender women’s identities and experiences, social justice and advocacy, and intersectional identities.
  • Other Interests: In my “free time” I love to try new restaurants, reading non-academic books, making cooking attempts, and being outdoors (i.e., improving my hereditary black thumb for gardening, biking, hiking, climbing) with friends, family, and of course Austin the Wonder Dog.
  • UCC Responsibilities: I conduct intakes, individual counseling, co-facilitate the Growth through Connection group, and co-teach a multicultural psychology class. I’m also involved in the UCC’s research and intern selection committees and outreach efforts.

    • Clinical Approach & Interests: I believe that the alliance between the therapist and client is the most important part of therapy, and I work to build trust and rapport from early sessions. I draw from several approaches in my work, with an emphasis on exploring thoughts and emotions and a consciousness of the role of identities and systems of power in each person’s experiences. I work with clients to collaboratively identify goals for therapy and develop coping strategies that can be used to work through life’s challenges after therapy ends. I love working with university students, and am especially interested in matters of identity and coming to understand oneself as they relate to therapy.

    • Professional Interests: My research focuses on developing and testing online resources to support the mental health and well-being of LGBTQ people and communities. Recent projects including developing resources to reduce internalized stigma in LGBTQ populations, and developing a resource to support parents of LGB youth in their efforts to support their child.

    • Other Interests: I love spending time outdoors, including running, hiking, and cycling. I also enjoy cooking, playing board games, and watching Netflix.

  • UCC Responsibilities: I conduct intakes, provide individual therapy, and co-facilitate group. I also provide supervision to practicum students, and co-teach the undergraduate Multicultural Issues course, along with organizing campus outreach and clinic research.
  • Clinical Approach & Interests: First I focus on developing a strong egalitarian relationship with clients to build a foundation to do therapeutic work. I use an interpersonal and strengths-based approach to address mutually agreed-upon counseling goals. I draw from feminist, interpersonal, and shame resilience theories, and I use various techniques to help clients achieve their goals. I have interests in depression, anxiety, substance use, as well as gender and career development issues.
  • Professional Interests: My research interests include oppressive social norms, sexual assault, shame/self-compassion, and career development.
  • Other Interests: I am a proponent of work life balance and self-care. In my free time, I enjoy cooking, being outdoors, going to the gym, and spending time with my dog.
  • UCC Responsibilities: As a doctoral psychology intern at the UCC, some of my responsibilities include conducting intakes, delivering individual, group, and couple’s therapy, providing supervision to counseling psychology practicum student counselors, conducting psychological testing, engaging in campus outreach, and participating in UCC committees. I will also be co-teaching an undergraduate Multicultural Issues course Spring 2018.
  • Clinical Approach & Interests: Living life with authenticity and self-compassion is the framework in which I anchor my clinical approach. I see therapy as an opportunity to collaboratively explore with clients their values, strengths, and desires. I believe that personal growth that leads to the easing of current distress comes through not only connecting with other people, but also connecting with ourselves. I use Acceptance and Commitment Therapy through intersectional feminist and interpersonal lenses to collaboratively work with clients in exploring and growing their authentic selves, while considering the impact of systemic and institutional power and oppression on personal functioning. While I work with students with a variety of concerns and backgrounds, I have particular interest in working with LGBTQ-identified clients, clients exploring sexuality and/or gender identity related concerns, clients of color, clients struggling with experiences of discrimination and victimization, or those seeking to explore and understand their identities.
  • Professional Interests: I have a passion for multiculturalism, intersecting identities, and identity development. Whether it’s in the therapy session, the classroom, or out in the community, some of my most rewarding professional experiences were when people learned something new that shifts how they understand their world and, consequently, themselves. My research interests are related to transgender identities and experiences, particularly the vast experiences of transgender folks of color.  Furthermore, I have a strong professional and personal interest in social justice and social equity, and always incorporate considerations of power, privilege, and oppression in all aspects of my professional work.
  • Other Interests: In my spare time, I like to engage in self-care, such as sipping on coffee/tea, trying out different restaurants, bouldering, literally -hanging- out on my hammock, making dad jokes, spoiling my cat, and all things Doctor Who. Not necessarily all at the same time or in that order, though I wouldn’t discount any possibilities.
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