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Health Service Psychology Interns


  • UCC Responsibilities: My primary responsibilities at the UCC include conducting intakes, and providing individual, group, and couples therapy. Additionally, my responsibilities include the supervision of doctoral-level therapist trainees, conducting psychological assessment, and collaborating with our university partners on outreach events and programing.
  • Clinical Approach & Interests: My approach to therapy is integrative and primarily draws from Indigenous, multicultural, humanistic, emotion focused, and psychodynamic principles. I believe that change is experiential, and achieved through the experience of healing emotional and relational processes in the context of a safe and supportive therapeutic relationship. As such, my approach centralizes on my client’s moment-to-moment experience of therapy and the therapeutic relationship. Additionally, my approach integrates multicultural and systemic perspectives that recognize the impact of systemic oppression on the lives and issues that my clients bring to therapy. As an Indigenous, Mexica therapist, I integrate Indigenous principles and knowledge into my therapy, and seek to interrogate and challenge the western assumptions and ways of knowing that may, inadvertently, influence the therapeutic process.
  • Professional InterestsProfessionally, I am passionate about research on issues related to the psychology pipeline for people of color (and in particular Native people) as well as Native mental health. Additionally, I approach my work from a Critical Race/TribalCrit perspective. In addition to diversifying the pipeline and facilitating the inclusion of Native psychologists in the profession, it is my hope that understanding and ameliorating barriers to Natives’ pathways into the profession will eventually allow for the use of more Indigenous healing methods in mental health treatment. In additional to my work with my Native community, I am passionate about issues related to queer identity, and queer mental health.
  • Other Interests: Playing videogames (in particular, Pokémon main series games and other JPGS); consuming copious amounts of anime and manga; Karaoke, queer YA fiction, Paul Rudd (yes, specifically, Paul Rudd), trying to take the “perfect” selfie (shout out to my selfie-stick), and having solo dance parties in my living room.

  •  UCC Responsibilities: I spend most of my time at the UCC doing individual therapy, group therapy, and intake interviews. I also provide psychological evaluations, supervise one doctoral-level trainee, put on outreach activities, and do research. During Fall 2020, I will be working with the Mindfulness Center at the UCC. During Spring 2021, I will be a co-instructor for EDPS 3010 (Identity and Inclusion). 
  • Clinical Approach and Interests:  I integrate cognitive-behavioral, interpersonal, existential, and multicultural feminist perspectives in my work with clients. I do my best to create relationships with clients that feel safe, validating, and connected. I enjoy working with clients who hold minority identities and have spent much of my training at sites that focus specifically on autistic/neurodiverse clients and LGBTQ+ clients. I also love working with people who are working on interpersonal concerns, identity, anxiety, and OCD.
  • Professional Interests: For clinical research, I am primarily interested in psychological intervention processes and outcomes. My dissertation was about client experiences of biofeedback. I am also interested in the intellectual history of psychology. Currently, I'm collaborating with a colleague on a (hopefully) fun history of psychology textbook for an undergraduate audience.
  • Other Interests:  Spending time with my friends, comedy, jigsaw puzzles, audiobooks and podcasts, birthdays, being outside, and tiny things (especially baby animals).

  • UCC Responsibilities: I do a little bit of everything here at the UCC, including conducting initial intakes, engaging in individual therapy, and running group therapy. I also provide psychological assessments, supervise doctoral student trainees, and engage in outreach throughout the campus community. I also will be teaching EDPS 3010, Identity and Inclusion, in the Spring of 2021.
  • Clinical Approach & Interests: My clinical approach is first and foremost guided by the importance of establishing a positive, warm, and collaborative therapeutic relationship, and believe that this relationship can be the primary impetus of growth and change. I place a great emphasis on being collaborative and flexible with my clients, to empower them to learn about themselves and make positive change. I also strive to tailor therapy to the clients unique background and goals, and believe exploration and discussion of unique client cultural backgrounds, perspectives, and relevant intersecting identities is crucial to success in therapy. I primarily integrate several treatment approaches including Acceptance and Commitment therapy, Cognitive-Behavioral therapy, Motivational Interviewing, as well as Interpersonal approaches. I work alongside clients to examine and gain insight into past and present life patterns, and seek to empower clients to "try out" other helpful perspectives and ways of being experientially, both inside and outside our sessions. My clinical interests include identity development, trauma, anxiety, depression, romantic relationships, and many others.
  • Professional Interests:  I love teaching college courses and working with college students in general! I also have a great interest in the intersection of social justice, politics, advocacy, and intersectionality. My past research has mostly centered around the topics of self-forgiveness, romantic relationships, religious identity and issues, group dynamics, as well as prejudice towards religious, sexual, and gender minorities.
  • Other Interests: In general, I love going on little adventures with my partner and our dog, Kona (who has limitless energy!). I am a social being, and love spending time with friends often. In terms of specific interests, I have a ton of fun in my role as a 'dungeon master' to four different Dungeons and Dragons groups. I also enjoy the world of board games and party games. In terms of recreation, I enjoy hiking, camping, backpacking, swimming, running, and volleyball. If I have time, I also love to cook, listen to podcasts, play video games, and learn about anything and everything I can.

  • UCC Responsibilities: My primary responsibilities at the UCC include conducting intakes and working with clients in individual and group therapy. I also provide psychological assessments and supervise doctoral-level practicum students. In addition, I teach EDPS 3010 Identity and Inclusion during the fall semester.
  • Clinical Approach & Interests: My approach to therapy is based on interpersonal psychotherapy, which focuses on relationships and how individuals relate to their psychosocial environment. I am also multiculturally oriented and seek to understand clients as cultural beings situated within sociocultural contexts. In addition, I draw techniques from Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy to help clients meet their personal and academic goals. My clinical interests include interpersonal relationships, family of origin issues, identity exploration, career development, and sleep concerns.
  • Professional Interests: I am interested in career development of traditionally underrepresented or marginalized individuals, such as women of color in STEM. I am passionate about helping individuals from different backgrounds understand, respect, and support each other.
  • Other Interests: I enjoy playing video games like Stardew Valley and Sims 4, where I get to build and grow things. I like trying different types of tea and am currently in love with mint tea.
Last Updated: 5/24/21