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Psychology Interns

Psychology Interns

  • UCC Responsibilities: I primarily conduct intake appointments, and work with students in individual and group therapy. I also provide psychological assessment services (e.g., LD/ADHD) to students, supervise doctoral-level trainees, and deliver/develop outreach activities.
  • Clinical Approach & Interests: I integrate psychodynamic, feminist, and multicultural perspectives in my work with clients. I believe that often, our challenges stem from the ways through which we navigate life (and the world), which were meant to be protective against painful and unfulfilling experiences in our past. My goal is to use my relationships with clients to affirm and empower them to consider new perspectives and ways of being, and to try them out with me and others. I am passionate about working with students from underrepresented backgrounds. 
  • Professional Interests: I am interested in people’s experiences of their cultural and social identities that can feel stigmatized. For my dissertation, I am examining the nature and effects of social class concealment among undergraduate students who identify as low-income. I also enjoy engaging in social advocacy (e.g., labor issues, LGBQ, trans and genderqueer individuals) and contributing to the training of mental health professionals. 
  • Other Interests: Nature, birds, geological formations (e.g., rocks), trying new foods, reading young adult fiction, and spending time with loved ones. I look forward to discovering the abundant fossils and natural wonders in the Salt Lake Area!
  •  UCC Responsibilities: My primary responsibilities at the UCC include conducting intakes and working with clients in individual, group, and couples therapy. I also supervise doctoral-level practicum students, complete psychological assessments, and connect with our campus community through outreach. I am currently teaching EDPS 3010, Identity and Inclusion, a course designed to engage students in thinking about power, privilege, and oppression.
  • Clinical Approach and Interests: My approach to therapy is guided by a feminist-multicultural framework. I believe that clients are always the experts on their own lived experiences. In therapy, I think it is essential that we build a collaborative relationship together where clients feel empowered to reflect on their own lives. I also think all people are influenced by their past and present relationships, and the therapeutic relationship is equally important. I aim to work collaboratively with clients throughout the therapy relationship.

    I really love working with clients who are reflecting on their own social identities or who might be experiencing conflict between some of their different identities, with a particular interest in the LGBTQ+ population. I am a very strong believer in the power of group therapy. I think that group offers such a great opportunity for us to mimic the social world that we all live in and to learn and grow from one another.

  • Professional Interests: My professional interests broadly focus on multiculturalism and social justice, with a particular interest in multicultural education (especially intergroup dialogue), group dynamics (including group therapy), and LGBTQ+ mental health. I am also passionate about suicide prevention and intervention.

  • Other Interests: I am a huge baseball fan, and love the Milwaukee Brewers. I also follow college basketball, particularly Marquette University the University of Tennessee teams. I absolutely love stargazing, and am excited to engage in some great star therapy in Utah’s designated dark spaces this year!

  • UCC Responsibilities: I conduct intakes and work with clients in individual, group, and couples therapy. I also enjoy supervising doctoral-level practicum counselors at the UCC and teaching EDPS 3010, the Identity and Inclusion course. Additionally, I engage in campus outreach and provide psychological assessment for students.
  • Clinical Approach & Interests: I take a feminist-multicultural approach to therapy, recognizing the holistic nature of individuals and the ways our identities and sociocultural contexts shape our experiences. I always strive to work collaboratively with clients to ensure that therapy is helpful and directed towards the client’s goals. I integrate cognitive behavioral, strengths-based, interpersonal, and motivational interviewing frameworks into my therapeutic style. My clinical interests include identity development, LGBTQ+ issues, trauma, and family-of-origin concerns.
  • Professional Interests: My professional interests center on issues of social justice and intersectionality. Much of my advocacy and research work involves reproductive justice and intersections with racial, economic, and gender justice. I am also passionate about sexual assault prevention, sexuality education, and LGBTQ+ health. I love to teach and incorporate feminist and social justice pedagogies into my classroom.
  • Other Interests: I enjoy anything to do with food, including trying out different recipes, eating new foods, and exploring local restaurants. I also enjoy spending time outside hiking, camping, stargazing, and lying around in a hammock. My favorite way to spend my time is with loved ones and maybe most importantly, my dog Finley. I also enjoy being a typical millennial, which for me involves thrift shopping, taking care of my many houseplants, and watching lots of youtube.
  • UCC Responsibilities: My primary responsibilities include conducting intakes, engaging in individual, group, and couples therapy, providing psychological assessment and LD/ADHD evaluations, participating in outreach events and programming, supervising doctoral-level practicum trainees, and co-teaching the Identity and Inclusivity multicultural course.
  • Clinical Approach & Interests: My clinical approach is both collaborative and informed by empirical research. I highly value flexibility in clinical work, and I believe treatment should ultimately be adapted to each unique client. I strive to be culturally sensitive and responsive in my work, and find it important to attend to cultural background and relevant identities. I also place a great emphasis on developing a strong connection with my clients, and engaging authentically with one another. I have noted interests in couples therapy and romantic relationship research, and also tend to integrate discussions on important relationships (romantic, familial, platonic, or otherwise) in my work. My theoretical leanings are primarily emotion-focused and psychodynamic, where I see value in understanding and working through emotional injuries and pain, while also attending to the influence of early experiences and in-session dynamics; however, I feel comfortable engaging with clients in many different modalities, and will prioritize clients’ needs and preferences.
  • Professional Interests: Romantic relationships, attachment theory, family issues, trauma (broadly defined), grief/loss, religion/spirituality, identity development, psychological assessment and scale development
  • Other Interests: I have a perpetual case of wanderlust and love seeing and exploring different parts of the world. I adore all things creative, and enjoy consuming art, movies, and literature as much as I can. I also have a cat and two turtles, and I probably (definitely) take way too many pictures of them.
Last Updated: 9/10/19