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The following UCC services are free, though some of these services (please see below) have a no-show fee when an appointment is not canceled or rescheduled in advance:

  • Intakes 
  • Individual Therapy
  • Couples Therapy
  • Group Therapy -
    • Support Groups
    • Psychotherapy Groups
    • Skills Groups
  • Crisis Appointments
  • Case Management
  • Mindfulness Center Services

The following UCC services are offered at the rates below. No eligible person will be denied service for financial reasons.

  • Psychiatric Medication Evaluation - $50
  • Medication Management Appointments - $10
  • Psychoeducational Assessment - Price varies dependent on assessment measures administered

When UCC services are delivered in person, payment of UCC fees is requested at the time of service and can be handled with cash, check, or credit card (Visa and MasterCard only). During remote service delivery, all fees can be paid via our website: 

We charge for missed appointments or appointments not canceled in advance of the session. Overdue accounts may be turned over to the University Registrar and a hold may be placed on future registrations. The fee policy is available from the Counseling Center administrative support staff. 

Type of Service

No-Show Fee


   Type of Service

No-Show Fee

Intake $0      Individual Therapy $10
Crisis Appointment $0      Group Therapy $10
Case Management Session $0      Couples Therapy $10 Total
Support Groups $0      Psychiatric Medication Evaluation $25
Mindfulness Center Services $0      Medication Management Evaluation $10
         Assessment/Testing (intake, administration, and feedback)  $25
Last Updated: 8/13/21