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Clinical Psychology Practicum Counselors


  • Clinical Approach & Interests: I am committed to using evidence-based treatments and interventions to provide the necessary resources to clients experiencing psychological distress. I am a doctoral student in the University of Utah Clinical Psychology program, where my research focuses primarily on children and adolescents with tic disorders, though I am eager to work with individuals of all backgrounds and identities. 

  • Clinical Approach & Interests: I am committed to using evidence-based treatments in my clinical work in order to address issues of psychological distress. My clinical interests largely include neuropsychology; however, I am open to working with individuals of all backgrounds.
  • Professional/Research Interests: I am a Clinical Psychology doctoral student working with Dr. Matt Euler and specializing in Neuropsychology. My research primarily involves using psychophysiology methods to examine neural processes involved in cognitive functioning.

  • Clinical approach & interests: I want to help people who are experiencing psychological distress improve their well-being and accomplish their goals, guided by evidence-based interventions and research. I welcome and am open to working with individuals from all backgrounds and identities.
  • Professional & research interests: I am a doctoral student in the Clinical Psychology program at the U, where I am working with Dr. Scott Langenecker and Dr. Sheila Crowell. Our current research focuses primarily on mood disorders in adolescents and young adults.

  • Clinical Approach & Interests: In my clinical work I am committed to utilizing evidence-based practices and tailoring them to meet individual needs in overcoming emotional distress. My clinical interests include neuropsychology, aging, multicultural assessment, and development of adaptive coping strategies.
  • Professional/Research Interests: I am specializing in neuropsychology under the supervision of Dr. Matt Euler. Our research is in utilizing EEG to aid in accurate diagnosis of neurocognitive disorders as well as establishing a marker of mental effort.
Last Updated: 5/24/21