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Clinical Psychology Practicum Counselors, 2018-2019

Clinical Psychology Practicum Counselors

Clinical Approach & Interests: The primary clinical approach I use is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), which is an evidence-based approach to improving mental health.

Professional/Research Interests: My research interests are in the area of health psychology and behavioral medicine, with a specific interest in the psychosocial aspects of managing a chronic illness. Currently, my research focuses on the role of the family in managing type 1 diabetes.

Clinical Approach & Interests: I am committed to using evidence-based interventions in an individualized manner to support clients' treatment goals, alleviate distress, and improve whole-person healthy functioning. Clinical interests include anxiety, depression, trauma, and psychological/emotional aspects of physical health concerns.

Professional Interests: Broadly speaking, I am interested in the mechanisms underlying stress-restoration processes. My research is centered on how individual-level differences interact with internal and environmental stressors to impact physical and mental health. Ultimately I would like to contribute to the development of targeted interventions that promote resilient responding to stress.

Clinical Approach and Interests: In my clinical work, I am committed to advancing evidence-based treatment in the promotion of health and well-being among those who are in psychological distress. I welcome opportunities to work with families and individuals of diverse backgrounds, including all races, religions, and gender and sexual identities.

Professional Interests: I am a doctoral student in the University of Utah Clinical Psychology program under the supervision of Dr. Sheila Crowell. My research concerns the transmission of risk and resilience across generations. To that end I conduct research with pregnant women and their children who have experienced cumulative sources of stress.

Clinical Approach & Interests: Kelsi Rugo, MA, NCC, is a Clinical Science PhD student at The University of Utah and works in the National Center for Veterans Studies under the mentorship of Dr. Craig Bryan. Kelsi has specialized interests in military trauma, suicide, and LGBTQ+ psychological health care.

Professional Interests: Outside of the therapy office, Kelsi’s research interests include (1) the role of impulsivity-related variables in the thought-to-action sequence of suicide, (2) evidence-based practice for suicide prevention and trauma treatment, and (3) transgender veteran psychological health. Kelsi plans to serve as an active duty Navy psychologist upon graduation, and eventually, as a NASA psychologist researching suicide and other behavioral emergencies in space.

Clinical Approach & Interests: For my clinical approach, I utilize the perspective of cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), meaning that I view psychopathology and relevant treatments as a function of the interactions between one’s thoughts, emotions, and biological states. My clinical interests include using empirically supported assessments and treatments for depression, anxiety, ADHD, impulse control, self-injury, and personality pathology.

Professional Interests: I am a doctoral student in the Clinical Psychology Ph.D. program. My research focuses on how we can understand the development and maintenance of emotion dysregulation across the lifespan. Due to the complexity of such a task, I have also taken an interest in using and developing scientifically rigorous methodological practices.

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