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Department Liaisons

The University Counseling Center (UCC) has established a special outreach program to better acquaint University of Utah faculty and staff with UCC services and assist them in dealing with students in distress. Please view the listing below to identify the UCC staff member assigned to your academic department.

Liaisons are also identified for some University of Utah non-academic units. If your department is not listed, please contact Susan Chamberlain.

Department Staff With
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Accounting Danielle Fetty  
Aerospace Studies Jake Van Epps  
Anthropology Karen Cone-Uemura  
Architecture Frances Harris  
Art Karen Cone-Uemura  
Athletics Dept Cindy Harling  
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Ballet Susan Chamberlain  
Bioengineering Lauren Weitzman  
Biology Roberto Martinez  
Bioscience (Graduate Studies) Lauren Weitzman  
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Center For Disability Services Danielle Fetty  
CESA Glenda Wilkinson  
Chemical & Fuels Engineering Lauren Weitzman  
Chemistry Roberto Martinez  
Civil & Environmental Engineering Lauren Weitzman  
Communication Lois Huebner  
Communication Disorders Glenda Wilkinson  
Computing, School of Lauren Weitzman  
CTLE Lauren Weitzman  
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Economics Lois Huebner  
Education, Culture and Society Glade Ellingson  
Educational Leadership and Policy Glade Ellingson  
Educational Psychology Glade Ellingson  
Electrical & Computer Engineering Lauren Weitzman  
English Frances Harris  
Environmental Studies Glade Ellingson  
Ethnic Studies Roberto Martinez  
Exercise & Sport Science Cindy Harling  
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Family & Consumer Studies Glenda Wilkinson  
Film Studies Susan Chamberlain  
Finance Danielle Fetty  
Foods & Nutrition Cindy Harling  
Fraternities & Sororities Cindy Harling  
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Gender Studies Josh Newbury  
General Education and LEAP Lauren Weitzman  
Geography Frances Harris  
Geology & Geophysics Frances Harris  
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Health Promotion & Education Cindy Harling  
History Jake Van Epps  
Honors Program Lauren Weitzman  
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International Scholars and Student Services Sui Zhang  
International Studies Sui Zhang  
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Languages & Literature Glenda Wilkinson  
Law Lauren Weitzman  
LGBT Resource Center Josh Newbury  
Linguistics Glenda Wilkinson  
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Management Danielle Fetty  
Marketing Danielle Fetty  
Marriott Library Lauren Weitzman  
Material Science & Engineering Lauren Weitzman  
Mathematics Jake Van Epps  
Mechanical Engineering Lauren Weitzman  
Medical School Lauren Weitzman  
Metallurgical Engineering Josh Newbury  
Meteorology Lauren Weitzman  
Middle East Language & Area Studies Sui Zhang  
Military Science Jake Van Epps  
Mining Engineering Josh Newbury  
Modern Dance Susan Chamberlain  
Music Karen Cone-Uemura  
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Naval Science Jake Van Epps  
Nursing Lauren Weitzman  
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Occupational Therapy Cindy Harling  
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Parks, Recreation and Tourism Karen Cone-Uemura  
Pharmacy Karen Cone-Uemura  
Philosophy Lois Huebner  
Physical Therapy Lauren Weitzman  
Physician's Assistant Program Cindy Harling  
Physics Frances Harris  
Police Department Cindy Harling  
Political Science Glade Ellingson  
Psychology Glade Ellingson  
Public Administration Danielle Fetty  
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Residence Halls Susan Chamberlain  
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Social Work Josh Newbury  
Sociology Glade Ellingson  
Special Education Glade Ellingson  
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Theater Karen Cone-Uemura  
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Undergraduate Studies Lauren Weitzman  
University Student Apartments Susan Chamberlain  
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Veteran Support Center Jake Van Epps  
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Writing Program, University Susan Chamberlain  
Last Updated: 10/10/16