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All inquiries and discussions are treated confidentially.  The fact that you are receiving counseling services,  as well as the specific content of your UCC counseling, assessment, or psychiatric record(s), is confidential. No one outside the Center may have access to counseling or psychiatric information without your prior, express, written permission except for the exceptions listed below.  The UCC adheres to the ethical guidelines of the American Psychological Association, National Association of Social Workers, American Psychiatric Association and American Counseling Association as well as State and local laws. UCC records are governed by GRAMA and FERPA, and we generally seek to be compliant with HIPAA standards. The UCC maintains clinical records in a confidential computerized client management system.  We also keep a hard copy of some of your records and these are maintained in secure and locked files.

The only exceptions to confidentiality are those required by law such as requirements that we report suspected or known abuse, neglect or exploitation of children or disabled adults or previously unreported communicable disease. In cases of imminent danger to self or others the UCC may be required or allowed to break confidentiality in order to secure your safety or that of others. Counselors may be required to give information to judges or courts of law if a valid subpoena or court order is issued.  Your counselor may consult with other UCC providers about your situation in order to provide the best care possible, or for training purposes.

Last Updated: 5/24/21