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Making an Appointment

Schedule an initial intake by calling 801-581-6826 or by coming to our center in Room 330* of the Student Services Building.

*The Counseling Center waiting room is temporaily located in Room 330 during our expansion

What to Expect for Your First Appointment

Getting started with counseling begins with a first-time “intake” appointment. These intake appointments are free. During an intake appointment we'll hear about your concerns, your goals for counseling, and we'll discuss the services available to you.

You may schedule an appointment in advance, with a specific time reserved for you. Or, you may attempt to schedule an appointment on a “same day” basis by calling in the morning of the day you would like to be seen. If all the “same day” intake appointments are taken, you may try the next day or choose to schedule an advanced intake. Most students are able to schedule a same day intake within two to three days.

Please arrive on time in order to find parking if necessary and to complete paperwork.


Last Updated: 7/13/19