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Undergraduate Interns


  • Professional interests: I am passionate about mental health accessibility and inclusivity for all! I am interested in developing new ways to destigmatize mental health, while eliminating the financial, social, and physical barriers that prevent access for students. I am currently engaged in research about refugee health access in the Salt Lake Valley, as well. In the future, I hope to use a career in Social Work to advocate for justice and equity at both an individual and community level.
  • Personal interests: In my free time, you can usually find me on an adventure in the outdoors, on the couch watching Netflix, or out thrift shopping with my friends. I’m an avid mountain biker, snowboarder, rock climber, (amateur) photographer, baker, and boba drinker. I tend to recharge by drinking coffee or boba, playing video games, and rewatching sitcoms with the people I love.

  • Professional Interests: I’m an Ethnic Studies major with a minor in Political Science. Some of my strongest areas of study and interest include critical race theory from a feminist perspective as well as the ways modern policy, particularly economic policy, effect marginalized communities today.  I’ve enjoyed being a part of various student groups on campus that provide opportunities and resources for communities of color, specifically undocumented and first generation students. In addition to my regular studies, I have recently become interested in the U’s Environmental Sustainability program, because I strongly value innovation aimed toward reducing carbon footprint starting on a local level. I hope to become involved with related initiatives in the near future.
  • Personal Interests: Some of my personal interest include reading (anything related to my studies or Eastern spirituality), watching Netflix (Grey’s Anatomy is my favorite series), and taking care of my fish and plant babies!! I manage my mental health by taking time to cook for myself on occasion, attending my yoga class whenever I can, and meditating. One of my goals is to spend a lot more time in nature. I think it’s important for our bodies and spirits to connect to the world around us, so I’m excited to spend more time in the mountains this year.

  • Professional Interests: I am currently studying psychology and social work, and I’m hoping to become a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in the future to practice therapy. In my practice, I am especially interested in looking at mental health through the lens of intersectional identities. I am also interested in social justice advocacy on a policy level.
  • Personal Interests: I love going to coffee shops and hanging out with the cats at Best Friends Animal Society in my free time. I also love spending time with friends and going on long walks/ hikes.

  • Professional Interests: I am a current psychology student hoping to pursue minors in gender and ethnic studies. With my degrees, I plan to attend graduate school and to work towards finding ways to expand psychological research and treatment mechanisms to support populations that have historically been overlooked in the field of psychology.
  • Personal Interests: In my free time, I like to guilty-pleasure watch horrible TV shows and normal-pleasure watch indie flicks and essentially anything not made by Disney. When I’m not avoiding the outdoors, you can usually find me thrifting or perusing the rental movies at The Tower Theatre.

  • Professional Interests: I am currently a fourth-year student dual-majoring in Psychology and Health, Society, & Policy with the eventual goal of attending a dual MSW/J.D. program to continue my work around justice-based community building. I would ideally love to research adversity in childhood, family trauma, and various ways of working towards alleviating childhood/adolescent suffering.
  • Personal interests: I personally love to be engaging my community in whatever way, shape, or form that may be. I LOVE movies and should probably have reserved seats for me personally because of how many I watch! Calzones are also pretty bomb. I’m interested in those.

  • Professional Interests: I am currently studying psychology at the bachelor’s level with the hopes of going to graduate school for clinical psychology. I would love to practice therapy, particularly through the lens of coping with trauma and substance abuse treatment, while conducting research in a college setting.
  • Personal Interests: Personally, I love hiking and rock climbing, although I spend a majority of my time indoors. I used to play the drums, and I love to write, watch Netflix (New Girl and Black Mirror are my favs), and hang out with friends.
Last Updated: 2/7/23