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Counseling Psychology Practicum Counselors


  • Clinical approach: My clinical approach is centered on the belief that the capacity to change lies within the client; therefore, I want to respect the strengths,  experiences, and goals clients bring into the therapy room. It is important to me to be responsive and flexible in my therapeutic approach. That being said, I often focus on meaning-making and previous life and relationship experiences that are salient to a client’s current functioning. Above all, I want clients to feel safe and respected. 
  • Professional interests: My research interests focus on what makes psychotherapy work (and sometimes what makes it work less well). Broadly, research has supported that therapy works, but why? In particular, I am interested in looking at the impact of therapist responsivity and flexibility on client outcomes, as well as therapist implementation of their theoretical orientations. 

  • Clinical Approach: I utilize a collaborative, person-centered approach in counseling, honoring the client’s experiences, strengths, and background. My hope is that I can be sounding board and ally. I seek to understand the individual and their experience of the world before jumping to solutions or conclusions. I believe that each of us have the innate skills and characteristics to lead a meaningful life. I hope to help you harness those traits and gain greater insight into the patterns, behaviors, and narratives that may have you feeling stuck and desiring change.
  • Professional Interests: My current research interests include factors contributing to student success, mentoring, and professional development. I hope to use my research to develop programming and infrastructure around the policies shaping the undergraduate and graduate student experience. My long-term goal is to work in a university setting, particularly in a department under the Student Affairs umbrella. 

  • Clinical Approach & Interests: My approach to therapy revolves around creating a strong bond with clients and letting them direct how they want to use their time with me. Rather than be an "expert advice giver", I strive to empower you to share your concerns and stories so that I can provide flexible services that meet your needs and your style of learning. Some folks need the structure that behavioral therapies give, while many want to better understand their emotions, or just have a supportive place to feel heard. Whatever your concerns, I'm happy to listen and collaborate with you to find solutions that work for you.
  • Professional Interests: My current research focuses on risk and protective factors for suicidal ideation/behavior and preventing suicide, as well as ecological models for diminishing intimate partner violence.

  • Clinical Approach: As a counselor and cultural being, I have come to learn that life is not one-dimensional, that identities are not binary, and that narratives have power regardless of how they are formed. My clinical approach begins by creating a space to understand the different parts of the self and how the different societal contexts we find ourselves in, influence who we are, how we make meaning, and how we relate to what’s around us. I value culture and identity in the work that I do. It is my priority to provide a compassionate understanding of the self, celebrate my client’s intersectional identity, and lean into resilience and empowerment.
  • Professional Interests: My current research interests are multicultural counseling, psychotherapy processes, intersectionality, and cultural identity development. My long-term goal is to use my clinical and research work to promote social healing.


  • Clinical Approach: Emotional pain and turmoil are a natural and unavoidable part of life. However, unavoidable hardship does not mean we have to go it alone. As a therapist, my commitment is to be part of that experience, whether that means journeying towards healing, or just sitting and acknowledging the pain. My approach in therapy is informed by existential therapy and emotion-focused therapy. In my work, I collaborate with clients to identify their goals for therapy and work towards resolving pain, or finding new meaning in spite of pain.
  • Professional Interests: A little bit about me, I am a combat veteran, my interests include gardening, woodworking and playing the guitar, and I watch Netflix’s ‘Nailed it!’
Last Updated: 5/24/21