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Counseling Psychology Practicum Counselors, 2018-2019

Counseling Psychology Practicum Counselors

Clinical Approach & Interests: My approach to therapy involves identifying strengths and resilient qualities to promote client self-efficacy in spaces they may feel marginalized and oppressed. I primarily draw from humanistic, multicultural-feminist, and solutions focused theories. I have a particular interest in working with performing artists, and others who find themselves in high-stakes performance environments. Ultimately, I hope to create a warm, inclusive environment and help people find hope and meaning in struggle.

Professional Interests: I am training to become a Sport & Performance Psychologist, and my research is focused on finding effective interventions to assist in healthy transitions in and out of sport/performance/career.

Clinical Approach & Interests: In terms of my clinical approach, I am guided by humanistic, feminist-multicultural, and cognitive-behavioral theories when I meet with my clients. I believe in the importance of empathy, respect, openness, and non-judgment in therapy, and I aim to honor my clients’ experiences, identities, and strengths in working collaboratively together toward their therapeutic goals. I am excited to work with individuals from a wide range of diverse backgrounds.

Professional Interests: As the daughter of Cambodian genocide survivors and refugees, I am especially interested in addressing mental health disparities in various communities and striving toward more desire-based frameworks that highlight marginalized individuals’ and groups’ resilience, strengths, and complexities, in a culturally-sensitive manner. My research interests include refugee mental health and well-being as well as identity construction and development.

Clinical Approach & Interests:  I clinically integrate different theoretical approaches including humanistic theory, cognitive behavioral therapy, dialectical behavioral therapy, solution focused therapy, interpersonal processing, relational-cultural therapy, and emotion-focused therapy in working with individuals and families from the perspective of their strength. I like working with clients from diverse backgrounds in race, gender identity, religion, and sexual orientation.

Professional Interests: My research interests include family values and religiosity in relation to risk behaviors.

Clinical Approach & Interests: I am working on developing a specialty in gender diversity and human sexuality.  I work with individuals of all walks of life, especially trans and non-binary identifying folks. My clinical approach is trauma-focused, multicultural-feminist, strengths-based, and humanistic. I take an eclectic path to meeting clients where they are and might pull from any number of therapeutic modalities such as psychodynamic, mindfulness, meditation, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT). I work to create space for individuals to find their voice and growth in happy and healthy relationships with themselves, and others.

Professional Interests:  During my undergrad, I completed a Substance Use Disorder Counselor certificate, and currently I am working on sex therapy certification. My research is centered around professional development, with one project looking specifically at professional competencies of sex therapists who work with trans and non-binary individuals.

Clinical Approach & Interests: My clinical approach is centered on the idea that every human experience is subjective, such that the client is the expert on their experiences. I draw many of my therapeutic interventions from cognitive-behavioral and constructivist therapies. I am especially interested in working with young adults that struggle with substance use and related issues. My research focuses on substance use in Latino adolescents and is used to inform prevention and intervention strategies for this population. 

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