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Counseling Psychology Practicum Counselors, 2017-2018


  • Roles at UCC: Practicum Counselor
  • Clinical Approach & Interests

    My approach to therapy involves working collaboratively with clients to gain insight into their experiences. I primarily draw from humanistic, multicultural-feminist, and psychodynamic theories to work with my clients. I have a particular interest working with clients who are struggling with issues pertaining to discrimination, and/or are exploring their cultural identities. 

  • Professional Interests: My professional and research interests lie in examining cultural awareness of therapists, and reducing mental health disparities of marginalized identities. 
  • Roles at UCCPracticum Counselor
  • Clinical Approach & Interests:  The foundation of any therapeutic process is a strong relationship between client and counselor, and building this relationship is one of my primary focuses. Clinically I draw largely from interpersonal processing, relational-cultural therapy, and emotion-focused therapy. I am particularly interested in identity development processes (i.e., racial/ethnic, queer, gender, etc.) and how different stages of identity development may correspond to well-being. 
  • Professional Interests

    My research interests center around this idea of intersectionality, and how people experiences their different social identities together (either integrated, separate, or any combination of those two). I am additionally interested in the identity development processes of queer people of color, and coping strategies used by these communities. I also have a strong interest in teaching, both at the community college and University levels.

  • Roles at UCC: Practicum Counselor
  • Clinical Approach & Interests: My clinical approach centers around the belief that each client knows what is best for them. Drawing heavily from humanistic theory I want to create an environment in which a person can explore their life and goals. I feel that it is my responsibility to create a positive environment for therapeutic exploration. I am interested in working with clients from a variety of diverse backgrounds and experiences. 
  • Professional Interests:  My research interests include suicide prevention and culturally sensitive suicide risk assessment. In addition to my research interests I enjoy learning about statistics and mathematics.
  • Roles at UCC: Practicum Counselor
  • Clinical Approach & Interests: I prefer to integrate a wide variety of clinical modalities, using elements of practical skills based approaches like Dialectical Behavioral Therapy and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy alongside relationship and emotion focused approaches like Interpersonal Therapy. My clinical interests include family and individual therapy, identity development, trauma, transitions, and emotion regulation techniques. It is my overarching belief that therapy can be both practical and profound, and that all clients should be approached from a strengths based perspective.
  • Professional Interests: As a researcher, I am interested in questions around professional competency, specifically in the context of Wilderness Therapy.
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