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Scope of Services

The University of Utah Counseling Center (UCC) offers brief individual, couples and group counseling, psychiatric services and psychological assessment for eligible UU students. Referrals may be made to other university or community services when appropriate. Individuals may participate in only one of the primary counseling modalities of individual, group or couples counseling at any one time. Individual counseling at the UCC is generally limited to no more than 12 sessions per year (based on the date of your intake). Many individuals find they need five to seven sessions to accomplish their goals.

If you or your counselor concludes that your situation requires longer-term work, we may suggest a referral to an outside counseling agency, use of our group therapy services, or other options. Students who present with a chronic history of instability and/or indices of intensive case and crisis management needs may not be served adequately at the UCC under current circumstances. For these persons, the UCC is limited to offering assessment, brief crisis management, case management, and referral to community resources with more intensive and comprehensive services.  Psychiatric Services and Psychological Assessment are only available in conjunction with consistent, ongoing individual, group or couples counseling. “Free standing” psychiatric and assessment services are not available through UCC.

Last Updated: 9/15/17