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Introducing Single Session

Single Session is a one-time only meeting with a counselor for students currently enrolled at the University of Utah. Single Session appointments are ideal for students wanting to be seen one time for a particular concern or ambivalent about seeking counseling services.

Is Single Session right for you?

  • Single Session appointments are not meant for students with current, active suicidal ideation.
  • Students experiencing suicidal ideation or other mental health crisis should call us at 801-581-6826 to meet virtually or in-person with a crisis counselor. For after hours students may call the HMHI Crisis Line at 801-587-3000.
  • Single Session may not be used for on-going or regular counseling services.
  • For students wanting to establish regular counseling services with the UCC please call 801-581-6826 to schedule an initial intake appointment.

How can I schedule a Single Session appointment?

Students may schedule Single Session appointments up to 48 business hours in advance. 

Virtual: Students may receive immediate support via phone or text through the MySSP app, or by calling 1-833-369-1250.

Learn more about MySSP

In-Person: To schedule an in-person Single Session visit, students will need to call us at 801-581-6826.

Schedule an in-person single session visit


Frequently Asked Questions

“Between 20 percent and 40 percent of psychotherapy clients stop after a single session, says Michael Hoyt, PhD, a researcher and clinical psychologist with Kaiser Permanente in San Rafael, Calif., and author of "Brief Therapy and Managed Care" (Jossey-Bass, 1995).” [] 

We are working toward making counseling services more accessible to the 20-40% that may greatly benefit from a one-time only appointment.

No. Single Session appointments do not count toward the UCC’s session limit. Single Session appointments are not a replacement for regular, ongoing counseling services and should not be used to supplement the UCC’s brief model of counseling. Students needing more frequent or longer term care should consult with their assigned counselor for other options for care.

While students may not schedule another Single Session appointment at the end of their Single Session visit, if they have determined that Single Session visit helpful, this is a sign that they may benefit from regular, ongoing counseling and should schedule an initial intake appointment to establish services. 

Learn more about our other services and schedule an intake appointment



Student is having mental health crisis such as (but not limited to):

  • Having thoughts of suicide
  • Having thoughts of harming others
  • Hearing or seeing things that others are not
  • Recent physical/sexual assault
  • Recent death of someone you are close to

Single Session

Single Session appointments are a one-time only meeting with a counselor. Ideal for students that only want one session to discuss a particular concern or issue. Also ideal for students unsure about seeking regular, ongoing counseling services.

Initial Intake

Initial Intake appointments are ideal for students wanting to attend group therapy or brief individual therapy

Last Updated: 10/27/23