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Administrative Staff

  •  UCC Responsibilities: Learning Success Center Office Manager; 
    • Basic Office functions; Service Delivery and customer service for Students needing tutoring services, student referrals to other services as necessary, correspond regularly with Tutors, manage accurate till and consistent deposits, process bi-monthly payroll via KRONOS, report payroll, reconcile payroll for the LSC, maintain updated lists of available tutors and correct protocols, maintain and update Voucher records for scholarship assistance students, assist walk-in clients, e-mail clients and tutors, and phone calls, maintain office records, maintain office equipment and supplies, create templates as needed, secure facility and office spaces upon open and close when necessary, coordinate schedule coverage and calendars, initiate tutor hiring process and ensure direct communication is efficient and professional, coordinate Program Manager calendar and travel when needed.
    • Marketing Assistance; coordinate staffing for outreach events, assists in outreach events and hosting, maintains printed materials for events and seminars, coordinates staffing for Drop-In Tutor centers, create posters and flyers as needed, assists with Table events and coordination.
    • Oversee Work Study Students; Hiring and training, supervision and customer service quality assurance, scheduling, delegate assignments and projects as needed, diplomatically resolve issues and complaints.
  • Other Interests: Spending as much time with my two little ones as often as possible, Music, long drives (especially with my favorite music on shuffle), cleaning and organizing, Yoga & Meditation, Dance, Singing, photography, service projects, friendly conversations (or eloquent e-mails!) about the big and little stuff, time with nature, Chai Lattes, long naps, scalding hot showers, and snickerdoodles.
  • UCC Responsibilities: I am the secretary for the Supplemental Instruction Program, the morning office receptionist in the Learning Success Center, Outreach Coordinator, and medical transcriptionist for the UCC psychiatry staff.  I love working with students and helping them succeed at the U. 
  • Other Interests: I enjoy traveling, reading, crafting, geocaching, and musical theater. I love spending time with my family but most of all I love being “Grandma Fun” to my 7 perfect grandchildren. 
  • UCC Responsibilities: Assistant to the Director; Payroll Reporter; Manager; “Mother Hen”
  • Other Interests: Traveling; fishing; VP player
  •  UCC Responsabilities: Supervisor ofthe testing Center front office staff. Maintain databases, develop graphic design, responsibe for psychological and academic test scoring, financial transactions and inventory.
  • Other Interests: Spending time with my family, hiking, music, reading, public policy, college football, goofing off
  • UCC Responsibilities: Morning office assistant at the Counseling Center. I’m here to support staff, assist clients and help make the front desk a welcoming space.
  • Other Interests: I work as a studio potter in Salt Lake and enjoy traveling throughout the Southwest.
  •  UCC Responsibilities: Part Time Office assistant
  • Other Interests: Reading, exercising, spending time with family and friends.
  • UCC Responsibilities: First face you see when you visit us! I enjoy helping clients and clinicians alike with everything from paperwork to Band-Aids. When newer technologies are available, we get to incorporate them for everyone’s benefit. Rubbing shoulders with these caring people lifts my day.
  • Other Interests: Outside of work I’m a full-time Grandma who likes to cook, knit, garden, read and teach piano.
  • UCC Responsibilities: Secretary to the Training and Clinical Directors; Assisting with annual psychology and social work intern searches; Coordinating billing and Patient Assistant Programs; Back-up for the front desk.
  • Other Interests: I love reading, musical theater, and crossword puzzles.
Last Updated: 11/15/16