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There are many different reasons that people come in for counseling. We typically see students who are struggling with stress in their academic, personal, and/or social lives. We are also ready to help student veterans navigate such topics as transitioning back into civilian life, issues within a couple’s relationship, concerns related to suicidal thoughts, PTSD, and academic testing for accommodations. Counseling offers a confidential setting to talk about your concerns and to help you feel better overall.

Some veterans do not qualify for VA health care, and some seek resources outside of the VA or DoD systems. We offer a low-cost, confidential, and student-centric alternative that is conveniently located on campus.

Your first session will be an Intake session, which will introduce you to our services and walk you through your options. This first appointment is free and fees for subsequent counseling sessions are minimal. Additionally, no eligible person will be denied service for financial reasons. At the end of the intake appointment, which usually lasts about 45 minutes, you and your counselor will collaboratively determine how we can best support you. For many students, ongoing individual, couples, and/or group counseling is helpful. We can also help you take advantage of our Learning Enhancement Program, the Testing Center, the Center for Student Wellness, and other resources on campus and/or in the community.

There are many helpful campus- and community-based resources for student veterans in the area. These include:

Here is a great link that might help you determine whether mental health services might be helpful for managing symptoms:

We will keep the information you share with us confidential. This includes current medication, diagnoses, and presenting issues. There are some limitations to confidentiality. Please see our Confidentiality page for additional information.

 The cost of sessions depends on the service. Typically, Individual Counseling is $12 per session, Group Counseling is $5 per session, and Couples Counseling is $30 per session. Additionally, students qualify for 12 sessions of Individual and/or Couples Counseling, as well as unlimited Group Counseling sessions. However, we do offer fee reduction on a case-by-case basis. More Fee Information

We also help students seeking more long-term treatment get connected with services in the community.
Last Updated: 5/24/21